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Hepatitis B is preventable with a vaccine.

The 3-shot hepatitis B vaccine can provide lifelong protection against HBV, thus eliminating the most common cause of liver cancer.

  • The vaccine is safe and 95% effective at preventing HBV infection.

  • The hepatitis B vaccine is so effective at preventing HBV and liver cancer that the World Health Organization has declared it the world’s first “anti-cancer vaccine.”

  • With awareness and proactive health practices, hepatitis B and liver cancer can be eliminated as a worldwide health problem. 

  • No booster shots are recommended by the CDC.

  • The vaccination series can be started at any age.

  • For people who have fallen behind schedule, the series may be continued without starting over.


Who should get vaccinated against HBV?

The CDC recommends universal vaccination of all newborns and previously un-vaccinated children and adolescents.

Adult immunization is recommended for:

  • Anyone seeking protection from HBV infection

  • Household, sex, and needle-sharing contacts of HBsAg-positive persons

  • Healthcare and public safety workers

  • Injection drug users

  • Those with more than one sex partner

  • Men who have sex with men

  • Those infected with HIV and/or other sexually transmitted diseases

  • Those withend-stage renal disease or chronic liver disease

  • Travelers to regions with high or intermediate HBsAg prevalence

In addition, the Asian Liver Center recommends that all adults of childbearing age (men and women under 45 years of age) receive vaccinations if they are not yet protected against HBV.


All Americans, who were born in a country with intermediate or high levels of hepatitis B infection or are children of foreign-born parents, especially APIs, should be tested for HBsAg and anti-HBs to see if they are chronically infected or would benefit from hepatitis B vaccination.

Free vaccines for children: hepatitis B vaccine is free for children 0-18 years of age who are on Medicaid or whose vaccinations are not covered by insurance.  These vaccines can be obtained through the federal Vaccines for Children program.  For more information, visit Vaccines for Children program.